Vis Spectrophotometer VS-B10

The Visible spectrophotometer is equipped with ample memory space capable of storing multiple datasets. Its monolithic, microprocessor-controlled LCD display boasts a resolution of 128 × 64 bits. This vis-spectrophotometer facilitates the establishment of a standard curve for quantitative measurements through a straightforward method. Quantitative measurement of the standard curve is achieved by directly inputting the K & B factors. Widely applicable in scientific research and various industries, it proves invaluable for the detection of impurities and other elements.

Wavelength Range325 ~ 1000 nm
Setting WavelengthAutomatic
Spectral Bandwidth2 nm
Wavelength Accuracy± 1.0 nm
Wavelength Repeatability≤ 0.2 nm
Photometric Range(-0.3) ~ 3 A
Photometric Accuracy± 0.3 % T
Photometric Repeatability0.15 % τ
DetectorImport Silicon Photodiode Detector
Light SourceImport Tungsten Lamp
Stray Light≤ 0.05 % τ
Stability0.001 A / h at 500 nm
Power RequirementAC 220 V / 50 Hz, 110 V / 60 Hz.
Dimensions460 × 330 × 210 mm
Weight11 kg
Power120 W

  • Wavelength range: 330 to 1000 nm
  • Spectral bandwidth: 5 nm
  • C-T grating monochromator: 1200 lines/mm
  • Light source: 20 W, 12 V Tungsten lamp
  • 100% Transmittance calibration
  • High accuracy with digital wavelength display

Visible spectrophotometers find applications in various fields including quantitative and qualitative analysis, detection of impurities, and determination of functional groups. They are widely utilized across biochemical, environmental, food, medical, petrochemical, and other industries.


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