Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer US-B42

The Double Beam UV/Vis Spectrophotometer US-B42 offers an adjustable spectral bandwidth ranging from 0.5nm to 6nm, adjustable in 0.1nm increments. It is equipped with a dual-beam system that enables simultaneous measurement of the sample and reference beams. The C-T monochromator optical system and advanced electronic system ensure ultra-low stray light for precise measurements. Additionally, it features online software with a range of functions including wavelength scanning, time scanning, kinetic testing, quantitative analysis, and more.

Wavelength Range190nm to 1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy± 0.3nm
Wavelength Repeatability≤ 0.1nm
Spectral Bandwidth0.5 to 6.0nm
Optical SystemOptical double beam system
Monochromator systemCzerny-Turner monochromator
Grating1200 lines / mm high-quality holographic grating
Photometric Range-0.00~200.0(%T), -4.0~4.0(A)
Photometric Accuracy±0.002Abs(0~0.5Abs)
± 0.004Abs(0.5~1.0Abs)
Photometric Repeatability≤ 0.001Abs(0~0.5Abs)
≤ 0.002Abs(0.5~1.0Abs)
Stray Light≤ 0.03% (220nm, NaI;360nm, NaNO2)
Light sourcedeuterium lamp and long-life halogen tungsten lamp
Scan SpeedHigh/medium/low /very low
Wavelength scan interval0.05/0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2 nm
Noise≤0.1%T(100%T), ≤0.05%T(0%T), ≤±0.0005A/h (500nm,0Abs,2nm bandwidth)
Baseline flatness± 0.0008A
Baseline noise± 0.1%T
Baseline stability≤0.0005Abs/h
Display7-inch large-screen color touch LCD screen
Power SupplyAC90V to 250V, 50H/ 60Hz
Dimension600 × 470 × 220mm
Weight18 Kg

  • Durable deuterium lamp for extended lifespan
  • Real-time digital proportional feedback signal processing
  • Wavelength scanning mechanical system
  • Incorporates built-in spectral characteristic wavelengths
  • Automatic position finding for light source switching mirror
  • In-line design featuring deuterium tungsten lamp
  • Large 7-inch color touch LCD screen
  • USB connectivity for seamless computer integration

The Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer finds extensive use in various fields for photometric measurement, spectrum scanning, quantitative determination, dynamic measurements, 3D map measurements, multi-wavelength testing, and DNA/Protein concentration measurements. Its applications span across factories, schools, metallurgy, agriculture, food industry, biochemistry, scientific research institutes, and more.


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