Fluorescence Spectrophotometer FS-A10

The Fluorescence Spectrophotometer FS-A10 is equipped with a high-quality 150 W Xenon light source and photoelectric multiplier tube detectors, ensuring ample light intensity signals for detection sensitivity ranging from 200 nm to 900 nm. It boasts a fluorescence detection limit of ≤ 5×10-11 g/ml and Water Raman peak of S/N ≥ 200. Noteworthy characteristics include high detection sensitivity, fast scanning speed, high dynamic range, and fast 3D scanning. The main principles of operation involve the measurement of absorption and fluorescence. Absorbance measurements can be conducted at one or more wavelengths. Additionally, the fluorescence unit extends the measuring range by 1000 for enhanced DNA detection capabilities.

Light source150 W Xenon lamp
Excitation wavelength200 nm to 900 nm
Emission wavelength200 nm to 900 nm
Excitation slit2 nm, 5 nm, 10 nm, 20 nm
Emission slit2 nm, 5 nm, 10 nm, 20 nm
Wavelength accuracy±0.4 nm
Wavelength repeatability≤ 0.2 nm
Signal-to-Noise RatioRaman peak of water (P-P): S/N ≥ 200 (10 nm Slit)
Detection limit≤5×10-11 g/ml (Quinine Sulphate Solution)
Linearityγ ≥ 0.995
Peak repeatability≤ 1.5%
Stability (10 min) Zero Drift±0.3
Stability (10 min) Value Limit±1.5%
Wavelength scan speedMulti-speed level, Maximum at 48000 nm/min
Photometric value0.00 to 10000.00
Data interfaceUSB 2.0
Maximum power consumption200 W
Power SourceAC 220 V/50 Hz; 110 V/60 Hz
Dimension380×445×310 mm
Net weight12 kg
Gross weight14 kg

  • High sensitivity achieved through high-efficiency optical design and weak signal detection technology
  • Excitation and emission wavelength range from 200 nm to 900 nm, catering to a wide range of fluorescence analyses
  • Fluorescence detection limit of ≤ 5×10-11 g/ml and Water Raman peak of S/N ≥ 200
  • Rapid scanning speed of 48000 nm/min enables acquisition of classic fluorescence spectra and high-quality 3D fluorescence spectra
  • Wide spectral measurement range achieved using a double monochromator
  • Excitation light monitoring system employs a light dual beam ratio to ensure stable and high fluorescence signal
  • Built-in optical gate enables analysis of unstable samples
  • Highly advanced structure with fine finishing, ensuring optimal performance and durability

The Fluorescence Spectrophotometer is a versatile instrument with widespread applications across different fields. It is utilized in material research, pharmaceutical analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, as well as food safety testing. Its capability to analyze fluorescence properties makes it an invaluable tool in various scientific and industrial settings, contributing to research advancements and quality control measures in multiple industries.


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